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Snorkelling with Whale Sharks, Dive the Navy Pier and colourful reef dive sites

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Off the shores near Exmouth, through the clearest turquoise water is where some of most incredible natural wonders of the world can be found.  The World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef is an underwater paradise and a popular spot for many unique vistors from dolphins, manta rays, turtles and humpback whales, to the largest fish in the ocean - the whale shark.  Whether you're a snorkeller or a diver, Ningaloo Reef off Exmouth offers some of the most unique diving experinces in the world and is a definite "must do" dive for anyone keen to get in the Australian Water. 

Exmouth dive and snorkeling sites on the Western Australia’s Coral Coast are some of the most ecologically diverse in the world.  Expeditions range from reef dives, snorkeling excursions, swimming with whale sharks, manta rays and interacting with dugongs.   The best time for diving is mid March until September, this is when the whale sharks visit these waters on their annual coastal voyage.  Swimming with whale sharks at Exmouth is the experience of a lifetime.  Watching as a majestic group of males displaying their acrobatic skills, competing with each other for a female’s attention and glide elegantly through the water is an experience you will never forget.  

Other excursions include snorkeling or diving with manta rays.  Their wingspan measure’s several metres which enables them to swim at rapid speeds.  Filter feeders they have a large toothless mouth, they use like a sieve to scoop up plankton and krill.  If you are lucky you may also witness the occasional leap out of the water and landing with a slap.  Unlike stingrays, manta rays do not have a sharp barb, which makes them very safe to swim, snorkel and dive with.  Dugongs are also another unique feature when diving at Exmouth, often referred to as sea cows, because they graze on sea grass, dugongs can grow up to three metres in length and weigh as much as 400 kilograms. Unlike other marine mammals, they cannot hold their breath under water for very long, so they can often be spotted coming to the surface for air.

Time your trip correctly; you may also witness the extraordinary phenomenon of coral spawning. The reef’s annual breeding ritual occurs during March, precisely seven days after the full moon at times of minimal tidal disturbance.  Divers and marine enthusiasts are truly amazed by this spectacle on the reef as coral creates an iridescent blanket of light on the surface of the water.

Important note: Navy Pier - Since May 2015, the pier is currenty under reconstruction due to damage incurred in the recent cyclone and all diving activities has been suspended until further notice.  Please check with Dive in Australia should you be looking to dive the Navy Pier if travelling to Exmouth in 2015.

  • Beachside Township
  • The Ningaloo Coast is World Hertige Listed
  • Access to experience snorkelling with Wharks Sharks
  • A great variety of dive sites and locations for the keen scuba diver
  • Dive the world famous Navy Pier


  • If Flying, you will need to either rent a car or use availiable bus service (approximate cost $30) to get to Exmouth Township from the airport
  • Various types of Accomodation styles available
  • Car Rentals options available - Budget, Avis, Eurocar from Airport or township