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Learning to Scuba Dive in Cairns (Queensland)

Learn to scuba dive in Cairns with experienced, professional dive schools and operators. Range of courses available including refresher, referral, open water, advanced, rescue, enriched air and dive master. Day trip and liveaboard options available.

Learning to scuba dive in Cairns is a great idea! You will be doing your training and certification dives on the Great Barrier Reef. Sounds like a dream come true. Not only does the Great Barrier Reef have an abundance of corals and marine life, it has warm and relatively sheltered and shallow waters, providing the perfect learn to scuba dive environment.

Cairns is the major hub for Great Barrier Reef learn to scuba dive courses. Why? Probably because it is one of the closest mainland ports to the reef. Also, because this relatively small coastal township is a major tourist hub, attracting visitors from around the world who want to see, visit and experience the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest.

Cairns tropical lifestyle and the environment has seen many people already learn to scuba dive here on the Great Barrier Reef. Why don’t you become one of them? 

Why Learn to Dive in Cairns?
It’s all about location, experience and professional operators. Positioned in Australia’s Far North, Cairns enjoys a tropical climate year-round, this is reflected in temperatures above and below the water. In the summer months, water temperatures are around 27-28 degrees Celsius, in winter it varies between 22-23 degrees Celsius.

The warm water offers two positives for divers. You are learning to dive in either a lycra suit or a 3mm wetsuit. The water is generally pleasant to be in and buoyancy is easier to master without having to worry about thick wetsuits or even dry suits.

All of Cairns’ learn to scuba dive courses are completed on the Great Barrier Reef, with water entry being directly from the boats. Pending who you choose to complete your course with, the friendly crew might even help with fitting your equipment before each dive.

Liveaboard versus Day Boat Learn to Dive Cairns
Working in the diving industry has taught me the real benefits of completing your required ocean dives on a liveaboard dive boat, rather than doing several day trips, which is the case with most shorter land-based courses. 

Learning to dive and scuba diving on a liveaboard dive boat offers you multiple dives over multiple days, allowing you to experience different diving conditions that will see you come away with finer tuned dive skills.  This is because weather and sea conditions change throughout the day allowing you to dive early & mid-morning and late afternoon to completing night dives.

I am not saying that completing a shorter dive course, which is traditionally run over 3 or 4 days, will not give you the necessary knowledge and skills you need to obtain your open water course, but when you are offered more dives then just the set 4 training dives along with the above points I’ve highlighted, you will most definitely come away a more confident diver. For this reason alone, should you be in a position to complete your ocean training dives on a liveaboard dive boat, then do it.

Cairns Learn to Scuba Dive Courses
Cairns learn to scuba dive courses cover people of all experience and interest levels. If you want to learn how to scuba dive, book an Open Water Course. If you want to extend your skills and certification, then there’s a range of advanced courses available too.  A quick look at what’s on offer in Cairns is as follows:

Refresher Courses
Refresher courses are a great option for certified scuba divers who have been out of the water for a while. They refresh you on the equipment and basic scuba diving skills. There’s a couple of options available, so contact us for more information on 1800 323 703

Referral Courses
Cairns offers scuba diving referral courses. Complete the practical component of your dive course on the Great Barrier Reef, with professional, experienced dive operators.

Open Water Courses
Learn to dive and become a certified scuba diver with an open water course. Range of learning options are available in Cairns, including both E-Learning and full classroom theatrical based training courses from both PADI and SSI.  You also have the choice of completing your dive course on either day boats and liveaboard trips.

Advanced Courses
Want to increase your skills and certification? An Advanced Course is the next level after you have successfully completed your Open Water. Range of options and operators providing this course from Cairns.

Enriched Air Courses
Want to do an enriched air (nitrox) dive course in Cairns? No problems at all. We’ll provide advice on the best operator and package to meet your needs.

Rescue Courses
Rescue courses are a great way to improve your dive safety skills, enabling you to assist other divers should they get into trouble. Range of scuba diving rescue courses offered in Cairns.

Dive Master Courses
Want to be a dive master? Cairns is a great place to complete your dive master course and afterwards, why not stick around and work on one of the boats. Talk about living the dream!

Booking a Learn to Dive Course in Cairns
Dive in Australia is pleased to provide an easy booking service for all learn to dive courses in Cairns and you can save money with no booking or credit card fees.  We worked for one of Cairns’ leading PADI learn to dive and liveaboard dive operators for many years, before starting Dive in Australia. So, we can provide expert advice on what you need to know to pick the best learn to dive course and operator, to suit your interests and itinerary. Products are listed on this site for your convenience, or contact us today on 1800 323 703