Exmouth, Ningaloo ReefExmouth, Ningaloo ReefExmouth, Ningaloo ReefExmouth, Ningaloo ReefExmouth, Ningaloo Reef

Exmouth Diving Centre - Snorkel Safari Tour

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No previous experience required as the crew take time to fit everyone out with quality gear, share some tips on snorkeling, provide some information on the marine life you can expect to encounter and give special attention to first timers.

Bouyancy aids such as wetsuits and noodles maintain all the freedom of movement while comfortably allowing you to stay at the surface and observe the marine life beneath.

Once in the water guests are free to explore the wonders of the reef alone or join our guided tour.

Snorkel the Muiron Islands. Spend the day exploring different snorkel sights accessible by boat only. Search for wildlife to view from the boat such as Dolphins, Dugongs, Humpback Whales and Whalesharks (boat viewing only). If we find a Manta Ray or some Turtles you can get in and have a swim with them!  A qualified Divemasters and Instructors can teach you how to snorkel even if you have never been snorkeling before.


Exmouth Diving Centre, Exmouth - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to/Exmouth?  You can drive (rental cars are available in all major centres), or fly Qantas into Learmonth, Exmouth’s airport.  A shuttle service runs from the airport into Exmouth or you can hire a car – please do this directly with your chosen car rental agency or travel agent.  Contact your travel agent for bus & flight information.


What hire car companies are there?  Avis, Budget, Thrifty and Europcar all have agencies in Exmouth for hire cars – please contact them directly. 


Is there a shuttle bus from Learmonth to my Exmouth accommodation? There is a shuttle service between Learmonth and Exmouth.  There is no need to book this – you simply sign up at the kiosk next to the luggage collection area.  The current cost is $25 cash payable at check-in; subject to change without notice.


How far in advance do I need to book? We suggest you book our full day tours at least 3 or 4 days ahead.  Dive courses need to be booked a couple of days before the start date. Whale Shark Adventures should be booked as soon as you know the dates you will be here.  If you are considering coming to Exmouth during or near the Australian school holiday periods you need to book everything well in advance.  We will always try our best to get you on your desired tour whenever you contact us!


Do you offer any dive packages?  Our dive packages can be tailored so you do the dives you want to do - they can include seasonal tours, courses, dives and combinations.  Please contact us directly for more information.

Do 2-5 eligible tours with us and receive a 10% discount on eligible dives; 10+ eligible tours receives 15% discount on eligible dives.  All discounts apply to our regular prices, exclude Whale Shark Adventures, courses and are only available by booking directly with us.


What is the water temperature and which suit do I need?  Our water temperatures stay pleasant all year round.  In the summer months (November – June) we dive in 3mm suits in temperatures ranging from 23C – 28C.  In winter (July – November) we dive in two 3mm suits or 5mm suits in water from 20C – 24C.


What kind of visibility can I expect?  Unfortunately this is an impossible one to answer!  Our viz is mostly quite good (10m+), can be exceptional (25m+) or can be not so good (<5m).  Viz will change with winds, tides and weather patterns - viz at some sites can clear up in a matter of hours.  Our crew will do their best to drop you in the best water on the day.


What do I need to bring with me on the tours?  We provide all of the equipment you will need and drinking water on board.  On some tours lunch/refreshments will also be included – ask at the time of booking.  You need only bring personal items (sunglasses, warm layer, towel, etc) , diving certification card and logbook.


Do I really need my certification card?  YES!!  If we don’t sight your certification card you cannot dive with us so don’t forget it!!  You must have dived within the past 12 months or you will need to do a Refresher with us before your diving tours.


Are all of the dives guided? Can I go dive the sites with my buddy and no guide? Yes, we always have experienced crew in the water and on our vessels.  Experienced divers are welcome to dive in their own buddy teams on most sites, without a dive guide, after listening to a dive brief.  Each diver in the buddy team not diving with one of our guides must have a safety sausage and a surface noise maker.  Our crew will inform you of the time limits on each dive.


Do you use DIN or yoke fittings if I have my own gear?  Most of our tanks are yoke valves. But we do have a small number DIN valves available, please let us know if you require these.


What is the best time of year to visit?  Whenever you can!!  Here is a partial list of our seasons:  Whale sharks – April to July; Manta Rays – late May to November in Exmouth; Humpback Whales – June to November; Turtles, Dolphins, Rays, Sharks – throughout the year.  Contact us for more information!

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