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Sea Esta - 3 Day 3 Night Liveaboard Dive Trip

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Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trip Durations

The one Townsville liveaboard dive trip available departs this coastal city just once a month.  The boat takes a maximum of 20 divers and the trip often sells out well in advance. It’s a 3 Night / 3 Day trip and to secure your berth, it is vital to enquire and book early.

If your travels see you resting in Townsville, Far North Queensland then you have the opportunity to experience liveaboard diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  Sea Esta a 3 Star accommodation Liveaboard dive boat with 5 Star diving. Dive and snorkel over 3 days on some of the best sites out from Townsville on the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy up to 10 Dives which includes on the last day 2 dives on the SS Yongala Shipwreck. 

See the stunning array of wild life waking up to an explosion of colour and activity. Dive and snorkel into the evening as daylight softly moves to dusk. Be a part of the reef settling down for the night as the last rays of sunlight bath the ocean.

SS Yongala

Diving SS Yongala is mind blowing and life changing.  This amazing site often crops up in lists of the world’s best dive sites and is certainly up there in Australia’s top ten dive sites.   What is it? The SS Yongala is Australia’s largest and most intact, historic shipwreck.  The 109m Yongala sank in a cyclone on 23 March 1911; she lies in water 14-28m deep, about 48 nautical miles south-east of Townsville.  As well as being an amazing wreck dive, the SS Yongala is home to an abundant array of marine life.  It has to be seen to be believed. 

Some of the critters you may encounter at the SS Yongala include, but certainly is not limited to, giant bull rays and Queensland groupers, a multitude of sea snakes, various sea sharks, wrasse, trout, turtles and more. 

The Yongala is a ‘difficult’ dive site which is prone to experiencing mild to strong ocean currents; this combined with her depth, make this a dive suitable for experienced and advanced divers.  The Townsville liveaboard dive trip includes two dives at the SS Yongala.

Features of the Vessel:

  • Accommodation for 20 passengers in double, twin & quad-share berths.
  • Older vessel but with Air-conditioned Cabins.  
  • Large Fully Equipped Dive Deck.
  • BBQ/Entertainment Deck.


What to bring:

  • Your diving certification and log book;
  • A small bag with towel, swimwear, toiletries, sunscreen and hat.


What not to bring:

  • Large bags or back pack;
  • Bed linen, sleeping bags and pillows;
  • Fishing equipment;
  • Glass bottles.

Booking a Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trip

Dive in Australia is pleased to provide an easy booking service for Townville’s liveaboard dive trip and you can save money with no booking or credit card fees.  We have visited and dived all of these great locations.  We offer first-hand experience and advice: contact us today on 1800 323 703

Boarding Time: 7.30pm

Departure: 10.30pm, cruise to the Reef overnight (Reef site to be decided by skipper according to weather conditions, examples are: Lodestone, Keeper, Little Broadhurt, Helix, Davies or Wheeler)

Day 1: Between meals 3 dives on various Reefs as selected for the conditions of the day during the day and 1 night dive (night dive is optional for passengers)

Day 2: Between meals 3 dives (different reefs to day 1) and 1 night dive

Day 3: Wake up at the SS Yongala Wreck for 2 early morning dives on the wreck. Depart site for Townsville after dives are completed

Returns: Approximately 5pm.


Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trips

Townsville liveaboard dive trips offer guests the opportunity to combine Great Barrier Reef diving with wreck diving, on the amazing SS Yongala.  Townsville is not known as a tourist destination and as such, there is only one Townsville liveaboard dive trip available from this regional centre, and it departs once a month.  That means advance planning is imperative, if you want to fit this trip into your itinerary. 

Townsville’s liveaboard dive trip is 3 days / 3 nights and includes up to 10 dives.  Equipment is available for hire.  When is the best month to visit? Diving in North Queensland is perfect all year round! Water temperatures range from 22 – 29 degrees: wet suits and lycra suits are available for hire.

Benefits of Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trips versus Day Trips

Townsville is fortunate to offer certified divers the chance to explore not only the Great Barrier Reef, but one of its most famous wrecks, the SS Yongala, but this can only be done on a liveaboard trip.  The SS Yongala is a fair distance from Townsville, so day trips from this port city cannot reach it: by choosing a Townsville liveaboard dive trip, you can tick two great dive experiences off your bucket list.

Other benefits of choosing a Townsville liveaboard dive trip, over a day trip, include being able to complete more dives, at more locations, at different times of day.  Liveaboard trips allow you to see and experience so much more, including early morning and night dives, which are my personal favourites. 

This trip is not recommended for beginner divers.  The SS Yongala is a deep water dive which is known for its currents.  Experienced divers will relish the chance to explore the wreck and its amazing diversity of large marine life (more on this below). 

This operator does give you the opportunity to complete your Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and / or Nitrox Course during their Townsville liveaboard dive trip.  Contact us today, to discuss departure dates and whether this trip is the best choice for you and your dive experience / expectations. 

Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trip Destinations

Townsville’s liveaboard dive trip visits two great destinations, which we have briefly covered above. Now let’s look at these dive sites in more detail.   

Townsville Outer Great Barrier Reef

Townsville is located on Queensland’s north eastern coastline.  Townsville’s Outer Great Barrier Reef is approximately 65km offshore and travel time is between 2 – 3 hours (each way), pending weather.  The liveaboard dive trip departs in the evening, which means travelling is completed while you eat / sleep, allowing you to wake up fresh and start the day with some diving!

Townsville’s Outer Great Barrier Reef offers a range of diving experiences and locations, some of the sites you may visit on this trip include Lodestone, Keeper, Little Broadhurst, Wheeler and Davies Reef (see below). Reefs and sites will be selected to maximise your experience, pending weather and tides.  Water / dive depth varies anywhere from 1m to 20m.  You can expect to see an amazing diversity of corals and wildlife.  You may encounter sea sharks and stingrays, clownfish and parrotfish, sea turtles and maybe even a Dwarf Minke Whale (seasonal).

Davies Reef

Davies Reef is approximately 100km north east of Townsville.  Its dive depth varies from 6 – 25m and visibility is usually anywhere from 15-25m.  This site offers excellent diving conditions and experiences, including wall dives, cave dives and exploratory dives through the coral gardens. A part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Davies Reef is home to numerous marine critters, including but not limited to giant clams, hard and soft corals, starfish, fusiliers, wrasse, cod and more.  The water temperature varies between 22 and 29 degrees: wetsuits / lycra are available for divers. 


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