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Western Australia is certainly one of the largest and most diverse states.  Admired for its amazing and unique coastline it is a scuba divers paradise, filled with the most extraordinary diving experiences.  

Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef are part of Western Australia’s World Heritage listed dive sites and noted amongst divers, together with Australia’s East Coast Great Barrier Reef as the top shelf of “Must Do” dive experiences while in Australia. Western Australia also has the world’s largest fringing reef, this means you can snorkel out and explore the reef easily from one of the many safe and accessible beaches along this stretch of Australia’s coastline. 

Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places on earth where you can swim with Whale sharks - the world's largest fish.  It is a snorkelling only experience, so everyone can enjoy a face-to-fin encounter with these gentle giants, a truly awesome and humbling experience to add to your bucket list.  Ningaloo's Whale shark season generally runs from March to July, however, the season can often stretch through to August and even September.  So now is the time to be heading to Western Australia.   Globally, it's very rare to find these creatures so close to shore, but they visit Ningaloo every year.  To get close to the action, join a whale shark snorkel tour from Exmouth or Coral Bay.  These tours boast a very high success rate of swimming with the Whale shark, by using spotter plans operators know where to head to ensure they capture this breathtaking experience.

Other excellent scuba diving locations around Exmouth include the Murion Islands, Light House Bay and the well published, Navy Pier.  Dive with brightly adorned fish in the Bundegi Bombies reef sanctuary. Get up close to sci-fi sponges, gorgonians and sea whips at the entrance to the Exmouth Gulf. Mingle with turtles, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, batfish, angelfish and clownfish to name only a few.  Shark Bay’s rare plant and animal life will also appeal to nature lovers and is best uncovered touring with Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures experience, which will teach you the traditions of one of the world’s oldest cultures.

So, there has never been a better time than now, to check out the Whale sharks and diving tours we have available online, Dive in Australia help ensure you have the best diving experience possible while visiting the West Coast of Australia.

Important note: Navy Pier - Since May 2015, the pier is currenty under reconstruction due to damage incurred in the recent cyclone and all diving activities has been suspended until further notice.  Please check with Dive in Australia should you be looking to dive the Navy Pier if travelling to Exmouth in 2015.

  • Visit Perth, Exmouth & Coral Bay
  • Known for it's Nature & Wildlife
  • World Class Wine Region - Margaret River 
  • Best access to swim with Whale Sharks (Coral Bay & Exmouth)
  • Scuba Diving Ningaloo Reef
  • Exmouth home to diving the world famous 'Navy Pier'
  • Ningaloo Marine Park is a World Heritage listed area & home to 200 species of hard coral, 50 soft coral and over 500 species of fish
  • Premier Surfing Destinations
  • Best to have your own vehicle to travel the West Coast
  • Exmouth - Best time to travel - March to October 
  • Western Australia - Access to Coral Bay & Exmouth. Best to Self Drive or take flight from Perth to Exmouth
  • It is possible to rent a car from Exmouth then complete 150km drive to Coral Bay
  • Whale Shark best season - 15th March to mid September
  • Coral Bay operates all year round for both scuba diving and swiming with Manta Rays