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Great White Shark Liveaboard Dive Trips. Great White Shark liveaboard dive trips are the ultimate way to experience dive time with one of the ocean’s topline predators.  If there’s a better way to get an adrenaline hit while diving, I’m not sure what it is! Great White Sharks are majestic, intriguing and just a little bit terrifying.  They are also best seen from the safety of a cage.

Did you know that Australia is the only place in the world where you can enjoy an ocean floor cage dive on board a Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip? It’s true.  This exclusive experience is offered onboard the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, which have various departures throughout the year, from Port Lincoln in South Australia.

We have partnered up with Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expedition Tours to bring you an experienced operator that has been running Great White Shark tours since 1965.  Trip duration varies from 2 nights to 5 nights. Trips are scheduled in accordance with the weather and conditions and while they operate year round, the trip length and itinerary vary, to maximize your chances of seeing the Great White Sharks.  So what are you chances? Pretty good!  They are currently sitting at a 99% success rate.

Important facts.  You do not have to be a certified diver to participate in a Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip. The boat offers excellent viewing from all locations and there is a specific ‘spectator’ price for guests wanting to see the sharks from topside (on board the boat). Similarly, you do not need a dive certification to participate in the ‘surface cage’ activities.  These ‘dives’ are completed in a cage that sits on the surface of the water and receives air supply directly from the boat, so you are not actually diving.  All instruction is provided by the fully qualified dive crew. 

You do need to be a certified diver to participate in the ocean floor cage dive.  Minimum certification of Open Water is required.  The cage descends to no deeper than 20m and you are with a Dive Professional at all times.  Water temperatures range from 10 – 20 degrees and wet suits are provided for all guests getting in the water (for surface cage and ocean floor cage experiences).



Benefits of Great White Shark Liveaboard Dive Trips. The liveaboard dive trips offer the very best chance to have a Great White Shark experience. Most of the travel is completed while you sleep, providing maximum waking time to participate in the shark activities and viewing. 

All guests will enjoy the shark information and research briefings.  Non-divers will appreciate the opportunity to participate in the surface cage ‘dives’, which are open to all guests aged 8 years and over.  Surface cage time is unlimited and with a maximum of only 12 guests on any trip, participation is monitored by crew, to ensure each guest receives a fair and equal amount of surface cage shark time.

Certified divers can (and should) book the exclusive ocean cage shark dive.  This is only offered in Australia, with this operator.  Nowhere else in the world can you (safely) get this close and personal, with a Great White Shark, in their own environment.  Ocean cage dives are completed around the Neptune Islands. Maximum of three (3) certified divers and a Dive Professional in the cage.

Great White Shark liveaboard dive trips run by Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions operate all year round and are very popular, often booking out well in advance.   Contact us today to discuss departure dates and what it’s like on a Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip; we’ve done it and we’re happy to tell you all about it.



Port Lincoln Great White Shark Dive Bookings

Dive in Australia is pleased to provide an easy booking service for Port Lincoln Great White Shark Dive trips.  Save money with no booking or credit card fees. We offer first-hand experience and advice. For more information and bookings contact Dive in Australia today on +61 499 464 007 or






Great White Shark Liveaboard Dive Trip Destinations

These Great White Shark liveaboard dive trips visit a few great destinations, providing varied experiences, which we will look at in more detail below.

Neptune Islands

The Neptune Islands Group are in South Australia. This is the only place in Australia where you can book a Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip.  The islands themselves are home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony, which attracts the Great White Sharks for feeding. 

The islands and the Great White Sharks are protected within the Neptune Islands Group (Ron and Valerie Taylor) Marine Park. This remote, offshore island group rises steeply from the deep waters in the Spencer Gulf and is exposed to strong winds, currents and waves. Conditions vary from season to season and day to day, which is why itineraries and destinations are fairly flexible.  Sites are selected to maximize your experience. The maximum dive depth is 20m in an ocean cage shark dive.  Most ‘dives’ are completed in the surface cages, with an air supply directly from the boat.

Each Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip also includes an island excursion, to the main South Neptune Island.  This is completed via tender transfer and provides you with the opportunity to see the colony of rare Australian Sea Lions, as well as other native flora and fauna. It’s a stunning location; take your camera!

Hopkins Island

Hopkins Island is a protected reserve, so while the island itself is not a destination on these trips, its surrounding waters most certainly are.  Snorkeling / diving in the shallow waters that surround Hopkins Island give you the chance to get up close and personal with something a little less frightening than a Great White Shark, the resident population of sea lions.  

The water will be a cold 10 – 20 degrees (it always is if sea lions live there!) but wetsuits and all equipment is provided.  Generally you have an hour or so to get in the water and interact with the sea lions, who are not timid at all and will come up to you for some fantastic memories (and photos).  Water visibility will vary pending conditions.  The crew provide full briefings before you enter the water.

Great White Shark Liveaboard Dive Trip Durations

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions offers a range of trips and itineraries, pending the weather (see above).  The trips are small groups (maximum of 12 guests) so should definitely be booked well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Available trip schedules:

  • 2 Night Great White Adventures - Spring And Summer
  • 3 Night Great White Expeditions - Spring And Summer
  • 4 Night Great White Expeditions - Autumn And Winter
  • 5+ Night Expeditions

*Itinerary is indicative only (subject to weather and any other circumstances that may affect the scheduling of events).

Guests should be at the Marina Hotel entrance for a 7.45PM pick up and transfer to our expedition vessel Princess II. If you have not eaten, we suggest you arrive earlier and order a delicious counter meal and relax watching Port Lincoln’s fishing fleet slowly pass you by. We will transfer you and your luggage to board Princess II. Please note that this is a convenient but not an official meeting place and please save all your sharky questions for the Fox crew. Staying onboard on this first night allows us to leave port nice and early and you are welcome to stay tucked up in your comfy bed. Upon return we will have you disembarking by 6.30PM, in time for the last flight back to Adelaide or extend your stay in Port Lincoln with some other amazing tours.

Summary of activities on a 2-night expedition:

  • Swim with Australian sea lions at Hopkins Island
  • Topside Viewing of Great White Sharks
  • Surface Cage Diving
  • Tender boat tour around the coasts and crevasses of the Neptune Islands to see the fur seal colonies
  • Great White Shark Research and Biology talk
  • Optional Involvement in current shark research programs 

What to bring checklist:

  • Warm clothing– Fox Expedition clothing available for purchase on board
  • Comfortable flat shoes
  • Wetsuits– can be hired onboard, see website for more info
  • Camera– underwater still and video cameras available for hire
  • Sunglasses– polarized recommended
  • Batteries– for cameras
  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Personal medical and toiletries
  • Seasickness tablets

What you do not need to bring:

  • Towels for personal use and diving
  • Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages onboard as we have a'Ship's Bar Only' policy. Soft drinks arecomplimentary.
  • Food/snacks - Snacks and soft drinks are provided complimentary, including crisps, chocolate, nuts, andcheese.  Bringing extras is always a great idea especially for bribes and special favors.
  • Fins, weight belts or regulators for surface cage

Important Note: Rodney Fox Promise: It is of course, impossible for us to promise you sharks, but we can promise you a few things, on top of our expeditions only running when there is a good chance of seeing great white sharks, we promise you a half price return trip if you don't and if you get incredibly unlucky again, then it is free until you do!

Facts at a Glance!
  • Depth: Surface dives – participants air supply is from the boat.
  • Currents: Weather can be mild to wild. In some instances, day trips will have to be cancelled due to poor weather. We strongly advise checking with the operator three (3) days before your planned departure.
  • Dive Experience: Awesome! The only place in Australia where you can cage dive with Great White Sharks. See these mighty critters in their natural habitat.
  • Marine Life: Great White Sharks, Seals, Dolphins and assorted fish.
  • Diver Level: No previous dive experience or certification required. These are surface dives. All equipment and instruction is provided to you on the boat, on the way to the Neptune Islands.
  • Dive Guides: Experienced divers with specific Great White Shark and cage diving experience.
  • Dive Briefings: Detailed briefings provided on the way to the site.
  • Photo/Video:  Professional underwater photographers are on board. You are welcome to bring your own underwater camera or GoPro, or rent one for the day.
  • Dive Gear: All provided and included in the cage diving price.
  • Accommodation: These day tours can sometimes last up to 12 hours (pending conditions and season) so you will need to book two nights’ accommodation at Port Lincoln, for the night before and after your day tour. 
When is the best time to book a Great White Shark Liveaboard Dive Trip?


In short, anytime!  The tours run throughout the year, but the itinerary and duration varies to maximize conditions and shark encounters.  The best time to book is well in advance of your travel, as these tours do sell out well in advance.  Great White Shark encounters on a Rodney Fox liveaboard Shark Expedition is currently at 99% and seasonal information is below for your reference.

Warmer Months: November to April.  During Spring and Summer you can book either a 2-night or 3-night Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip.  Generally, the weather is a little calmer at this time year and you can expect to see mainly male Great White Sharks in the area.  NB: You need to book a 3-night Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip to include a guaranteed ocean floor cage dive.

Cooler Months: May to September.  This is the most reliable time of year to see the most (and the biggest!) Great White Sharks, especially the mature female sharks measuring over 5m. The days and daylight hours are shorter, so there is less surface cage time which is why the expeditions are longer in Autumn and Winter.  You can book 3-night, 4-night and even 5-night Great White Shark liveaboard dive trips at this time year.  NB: The weather / water is a little ‘rougher’ at this time and timings may vary.

Large, mature male sharks (ranging between 4-5m) can be seen year round and are perhaps the most inquisitive (hence photogenic). Water visibility ranges from 15-30m.

Important Information:

1) *topsider (non-diving) guests may upgrade to Surface Caged Diver once onboard and pay the difference.

2)**Ocean Floor Cage SCUBA Diver must a qualified SCUBA diver of at least Open Water and certification card must be brought onboard.

3) ***There may be occasions when a qualified diver onboard can upgrade ($150 fee payable onboard) for one ocean floor cage dive. This cannot be booked if in advance due to a dependency on the weather, sharks, other activities and guests on this shorter trip. Any guest wishing guaranteed ocean floor cage diving should book on a 3 night + trip.

Point 2 above regarding SCUBA certification card applies.

4) 2 Night Great White Adventure – All dive hire gear included.

5) Customised itineraries of any duration 1 night to multi week also available on private charters - please enquire.

6) All rates based on double/twin share. Ensuite cabin accommodation with private occupancy available at 1.7 x price shown.

7) On all tours, the pickup is from The Marina Hotel, Port Lincoln and transfer guests / luggage to Princess II. Guests are not to board unaccompanied.

How do I get to Port Lincoln?

Port Lincoln is situated on the beautiful Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It is very easily accessed from Adelaide by QANTAS Link and Regional Express with a short 40 minute flight. Adelaide International Airport is Australia's fastest growing airport. It is serviced directly from many international destinations and all major Australian cities.

For those with a little more time, Premier Stateliner offer a return bus service from Adelaide to Port Lincoln.  For those driving, it is an approx. 7 hour drive from Adelaide to Port Lincoln with some stunning views on the way.

Do I need to bring my own diving equipment?
If you are wanting to expereince the Cage Scuba Dive and prefer to bring your own dive equipement that is Ok but all diving needs for diving with the great whites can be hired onboard. This can be ordered at the time of booking.


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