Townsville Outer Great Barrier Reef & SS Yongala Shipwreck

Townsville Outer Great Barrier Reef & SS Yongala Shipwreck

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Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trips

Townsville has only one liveaboard dive trip available “Sea Esta” when it comes experiencing the Great Barrier Reef. However the special part of this liveaboard diving adventure sees you also diving the world famous shipwreck dive the SS Yongala. The SS Yongala is rated in the top 10 Ship Wreck dives worldwide.

When is the best time to visit?

Diving the Great Barrier Reef is perfect all year round! Water temperatures range from 22 degrees to 29 degrees and operators provide wet and lycra suits on this liveaboard dive trips. 

Benefits of Townsville’s Liveaboard Dive Trip versus Day Trips

We believe the best way for certified divers to explore the Great Barrier Reef, is to spend more than one day diving.  You will get to see and experience so much more staying overnight.  Early morning dives and night diving are my personal favourite times to scuba dive. 

If you’re a new diver, you will see your confidence levels and diving skills increase dramatically on a Cairns liveaboard dive trip, because you are doing multiple dives over multiple days.  Further, diving at different times during the day, allows you to experience different weather conditions, tides and currents, which builds your confidence in the water. 

This operator offers you the opportunity to complete your Advanced Open Water, Nitrox and Rescue Dive Course during this Townsville liveaboard dive trip.  You will not be disappointed and really enjoy the experience of seeing the Great Barrier Reef over a 24 hour cycle.

Townsville Outer Great Barrier Reef

Sea Esta’s liveaboard dive trip departs from the Tomlins St Public Wharf, South Townsville to the Outer Great Barrier Reef and the SS Yongala once a month.  The vessel is available for private dive charters and now also catering to more experienced technical divers.

The Outer Great Barrier Reef is approximately 65km offshore from Townsville and travel time varies from 2 – 3 hours, pending weather and vessel type.  Water / dive depth varies anywhere from 1m to 20m plus on this section of the Outer Great Barrier Reef offering a range of diving experiences and locations.  A consistent factor is the amazing diversity of marine life. You may encounter sea turtles, stingrays, sea sharks, a range of fish and maybe even a Dwarf Minke Whale (seasonal). Depending on the operator and location, you may experience swim throughs, wall dives and exploring coral gardens.  The water temperature varies between 22 degrees to 29 degrees and all operators provide wetsuits / lycra suits for certified divers.  This destination is accessible too and visited by day boats, as well as liveaboard boats.

Main reef sites visited on the Great Barrier Reef over the 3 days are Lodestone Reef, Wheeler reef, Little Broadhurst reef, Keeper reef, and Davies reef.

Magnetic Island located not far off the mainland of Townsville hosts some beautiful snorkelling sites in very clear and pristine waters. There is one wreck dive named “The Moltke" which is very accessible from the shore off Magnetic Island.

The Moltke is an old cargo Boat which sank some 70 years ago. With little of the ships structure in tack it is still heavy in fish life making it a great dive should the opportunity present itself. Marine Life such as Batfish, Grouper, Squirrelfish, Butterflyfish and Damselfish make this home. Crayfish and Nudibranchs can often also be found.

Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trip Durations

Townsville’s Sea Esta Outer Great Barrier Reef liveaboard dive trip offers a 3 Day 3 Night trip.  This trip has a set monthly departure date and need to be booked well in advance, as they often sell out. 

Booking a Townsville Liveaboard Dive Trip

Dive in Australia is pleased to provide an easy booking service for this Townsville liveaboard dive trip and you can save money with no booking or credit card fees.  We have visited and dived all of these great locations.  We offer first-hand experience and advice, choosing the operator and destination to best suit your experience and itinerary.  Products are listed below for your convenience, or contact us today on +61 499 464 007