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Coral Bay (Western Australia) | Australia’s Whale Shark Diving Trips
Australia’s Whale Shark diving trip capital is at Coral Bay in Western Australia. Why? Every year approximately 300 – 500 whale sharks congregate here to make the most of the mass coral spawning and seasonal nutrient upwelling on Ningaloo Reef, which is the largest documented aggregation in the world.

Where is Coral Bay? Well it’s safe to say it’s certainly off the beaten track. Coral Bay is a remote beach settlement which can only be accessed by road. The closest airport is at Exmouth, which is a two (2) hour flight from Perth. From there, Coral Bay is a 90-minute to 2-hour drive, pending speed and conditions. It’s a tiny coastal settlement with a big marine experience in the form of Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and more.

Whale Sharks
Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea. They are filter feeders, which eat plankton, krill, jellyfish and crab larvae. Migratory by nature, Coral Bay in Western Australia is one of the most reliable places to provide in-water encounters with these gentle giants of the sea.

Coral Bay | Ningaloo Reef Day Dive Trips (Western Australia)
Coral Bay Ningaloo Reef day dive trips provide you with the amazing opportunity to swim with the largest fish in the sea, the Whale Shark. Along Coral Bay’s pristine white beach coast, you will discover some of the world’s most diverse marine habitats just meters into the turquise ocean.

Other than Whale Sharks, the World Heritage listed Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef is a definite “must do” for divers of all experience levels. There’s an array of rare plant and animal life around Shark Bay, meaning nature lovers will find themselves with plenty to explore and discover.

For those willing to take their holiday further than just the ocean, Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures teach the traditions of the world’s oldest cultures. Wandering the fascinating natural formations of the Pinnacles Desert moonscape or taking a hike along Kalbarri’s dramatic landscapes are great opportunities for you to further discover what Western Australia has to offer.

Whether you want to hit some waves or just soak up the Western Australian sun, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy the unique ecosystem of Coral Bay Coast.
So why not travel up from Perth to Cervantes and start exploring all the way up to Exmouth! Stop along the way and take part in some incredible dives, see some amazing landscapes and just enjoy the open road.

Awesome area to self-drive! Explore different dive sites as well as other great opportunities that the Coral Coast has to offer, like hikes and unique landscapes

Coral Bay: Top Things To Do
• World Heritage listed Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef
• Rare plant and animal life to be discovered along the Coral Coast
• Discover traditional culture at Wulu Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures
• Explore the Pinnacles Desert moonscape
• Hike along Kalbarri’s dramatic landscape