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Scuba Diving in Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef

Scuba diving in Exmouth Ningaloo Reef offers some of the best fringing coral reef diving in Australia. Here you can explore a range of marine life such as dolphins, dugongs, sea turtles and sharks.

Exmouth is home to the world-famous Ningaloo Reef, which is known for its impressive array of marine life which include manta rays almost all year round, whale sharks from April to September and then Humpback Whales during September and October. Dive in Australia offer guided trips to Ningaloo Reef as well as a range of fun dives and courses for those who are just starting out.

Scuba diving in Exmouth offers plenty of dive sites for beginners right through to experienced divers.

Exmouth diving in Western Australia is world class. The Navy Pier has been rated in the top 10 land based dive sites in the world, then there’s offshore diving around the Muiron Islands and of course, Ninagloo Reef and its population of annually migrating Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. If the underwater action isn’t enough to get you off the beaten track, then be assured the topside scenery is simply stunning and offers a glimpse into real ‘outback’ Australia. We’re talking screeching cockatoos, red dirt, wandering emus and amazing blue water and coastlines.

Some Facts:

Depth: Ningaloo Reef – 6mtrs to 35 mtrs | Murion Islands – 3mtrs to 20mtrs | Navy Pier – 3mtrs to 15 mtrs
Currents: mild to wild, pending time of year and tides
Dive Experience: Coral Gardens, Wall Diving, Drift Diving, Coral Swim Throughs, Caves, Ledges and more
Marine Life: Both Pelagic and Macro life
Diver Level: Suitable to novice, experienced and advanced divers
Dive Guides: Yes available and included
Dive Briefings: The operators provide very detailed dive site briefings, highlighting specific coral formations, compass bearings and marine highlights of the dive site
Photo/Video: If you don’t have your own underwater camera they are available for hire (limited supply)

Exmouth Dive Bookings
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