Diving in Australia

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Australia Dive Locations

Australia dive locations are as diverse as the continent itself. Day scuba diving and snorkelling tours are featured and many coastal locations on Australia’s East and West Coastlines. This great southern land is surrounded by ocean. The temperature of its water varies, as does the life and ecosystems of the underwater world. Dive in Australia are Australia’s dive specialists. We pride ourselves on providing advice, information and bookings for all of Australia’s great dive locations.

The most famous Australia dive location is the Great Barrier Reef. It is on the north-eastern coast of Australia, stretching along the state of Queensland. It provides warm, clear waters and an abundance of marine life, everything from the smallest damsel and nudibranch to the largest cod and groper can be found here. You can dive the reef, its islands and some wrecks. New South Wales offers temperate water diving and is home to the world’s largest cuttlefish and two species of endemic weedy sea dragons. South Australia and Western Australia provide some epic shark diving experiences, we’re talking Great Whites as well as Whale Sharks. Explore this website, which provides an online portal to the best Australia dive locations.