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Mission Beach – Day Trips

Mission Beach diving is a great way to incorporate a Great Barrier Reef diving experience, with a relaxed beachside holiday. Mission Beach is a small residential community, comprised of four (4) beach villages linked by 14 kilometres of golden sandy beach and pockets of tropical rainforest. It’s half way between Cairns and Townsville, easily accessible on a main highway for self-drive and also has a regular bus service.

As a destination, Mission Beach is ‘out of the way’ and has less tourists and people than the major regional townships either side of it. It has a very relaxed vibe and many North Queenslanders have holiday houses here. Mission Beach diving is accessible and enjoyable with some dynamic reef sites on offer. Suitable for everyone from the novice diver, to the advanced and those wanting to learn to dive.

Popular Mission Beach Diving Sites

The reef sites visited from Mission Beach are just 20 miles from Dunk Island. Sites visited will vary, pending your experience and the conditions of the day. Some popular Mission Beach diving sites include North Wall, Trevally Pass, Shark Alley, Eddy, Plates and Fingers.

What will you see? Obviously, being a natural environment this will vary, but being a part of the Great Barrier Reef, you can certainly expect an abundance of marine life including fish, crays, moray eels, turtles and more.

Mission Beach Diving Experiences

Mission Beach diving tours are more personalised than those available in nearby Cairns and Townsville. Why? Less people visit Mission Beach, so there’s less crowds. Why? While Mission Beach is not quite a locals’ secret, it’s certainly not as well-known as the larger centres around it. This provides visitors with the opportunity to experience Great Barrier Reef diving, without the crowds.

This idyllic village community offers visitors diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef, as well as a great range of accommodation options and some fabulous cafes and restaurants. When you aren’t on the water, relax on the golden sandy beaches or explore the tropical rainforest. Cassowary’s, an endangered rainforest bird, are often seen at Mission Beach, so have your camera ready.

Mission Beach Diving – Facts at a Glance

  • Day Trips, Dive Charters, Dive Courses
  • Reefs: Great Barrier Reef
  • Depth: 5mtrs to 20mtrs
  • Currents: usually protected and mild
  • Dive Experience: Drift Dives, Wall Dives, Isolated Coral Bommies and large Plate Corals
  • Marine Life: Both Pelagic and Macro life
  • Diver Level: From the novice to the experienced
  • Dive Guides: Yes, included and compulsory. Will show you the best parts of Mission Beach diving.
  • Dive Briefings: Yes and included. Covering equipment, dive sites and all important information.