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Byron Bay Learn to Dive Courses
Byron Bay learn to dive courses are provided by accredited, professional operators. For those wanting to become certified divers, there’s the Open Water Course. It takes three (3) days to complete and starts every Tuesday and Friday. For those wanting to expand existing qualification, there’s the Advanced Open Water Course which also takes three (3) days to complete and is usually scheduled on the first weekend of every month (Friday-Sunday). This includes specialty dives which might include Boat diving, Underwater naturalist, Deep diving and more.

Byron Bay Dive Internships
Byron Bay dive internships take you from a novice to a dive master in 10 short weeks. There’s structured learning which includes classroom tuition, pool diving and open water diving. This is a great way to kick start a career in the dive industry. The program commencement dates vary across the year, so contact Dive in Australia for more information today. Interesting fact, lots of people go from completing their dive internship to working as a dive master on Great Barrier Reef tour boats. How’s that for a great diving adventure in Australia?!