Great White Shark Experiences

Great White Sharks. The Great White Sharks are what you came to see. These giants of the deep blue sea are top line predators that can grow up to 6m long and weigh more than 2,000kg. Made famous in the cult movie Jaws, Great White Sharks elicit a wide range of emotional responses from humans, none of which are neutral.

Generally speaking, people are curious about Great White Sharks and (sometimes more than) just a little bit afraid. Although the Great Whites inhabit waters around much of Australia’s southern coastline, the best (and only place) to book Great White Shark cage diving tours is from Port Lincoln in South Australia.  Other creatures you may see during these day tours include seals, dolphins and seabirds.

Australia’s Great White Shark diving trips can be booked as day trips or liveaboard trips, with departures from Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. These trips provide divers and their non-diving companions with the opportunity to view Great White Sharks in their natural habitat, in Australia’s pristine coastal waters. This is one of the most confronting and adrenaline pumping dive tours available. There is something primal about getting up close and personal with a Great White Shark, believe me, you’ve got experience it to believe it.

So where is Port Lincoln? It’s on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula and is accessible on road or by air, with both Qantas and Regional Express running flights from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. If you’re driving, it’s a seven (7) hour drive from Adelaide, but takes in some stunning coastal scenery and is worthwhile, if you have the time. There’s also a bus service.

Port Lincoln Shark Diving Experiences
Port Lincoln shark diving experiences operate nearly every day of the year. The boats depart Port Lincoln early the morning (around 7am) and return late afternoon / early evening. This means when you’re booking one of these day tours, you need to allow a minimum of two nights one day in your itinerary to participate in the tour.

If time and your itinerary and budget allows, you might want to consider extending your stay and booking a Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip. These are available from two day / one night, to five night expeditions. If you select this option, you can also choose to participate in an ocean floor cage dive with the Great Whites! Further information is provided on the liveaboard page.

Port Lincoln Great White Shark Diving Destinations & Encounters
Neptune Islands. The Neptune Islands are home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony and as we all know, if there are seals, then chances are the Great White Sharks are not too far away. The islands themselves are remote and subject to strong winds, currents and waves. This means that pending the season and day, day trips can sometimes be cancelled. It is strongly recommended that you confirm your tour at least three (3) days prior to its intended departure. The water is cold (between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, pending time of year) and wetsuits are provided for all guests participating in the Great White Shark cage diving activity.

Neptune Islands. The Neptune Islands Group are in South Australia. This is the only place in Australia where you can book a Great White Shark day or liveaboard trip. The islands themselves are home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony, which attracts the Great White Sharks for feeding.
The islands and the Great White Sharks are protected within the Neptune Islands Group (Ron and Valerie Taylor) Marine Park. This remote, offshore island group rises steeply from the deep waters in the Spencer Gulf and is exposed to strong winds, currents and waves. Conditions vary from season to season and day to day, which is why itineraries and destinations are fairly flexible. Sites are selected to maximize your experience. The maximum dive depth is 20m in an ocean cage shark dive. Most ‘dives’ are completed in the surface cages, with an air supply directly from the boat.
Each Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip also includes an island excursion, to the main South Neptune Island. This is completed via tender transfer and provides you with the opportunity to see the colony of rare Australian Sea Lions, as well as other native flora and fauna. It’s a stunning location; take your camera!

Hopkins Island. Hopkins Island is a protected reserve, so while the island itself is not a destination on these trips, its surrounding waters most certainly are. Snorkeling / diving in the shallow waters that surround Hopkins Island give you the chance to get up close and personal with something a little less frightening than a Great White Shark, the resident population of sea lions.

The water will be a cold 10 – 20 degrees (it always is if sea lions live there!) but wetsuits and all equipment is provided. Generally you have an hour or so to get in the water and interact with the sea lions, who are not timid at all and will come up to you for some fantastic memories (and photos). Water visibility will vary pending conditions. The crew provide full briefings before you enter the water.

When is the best time to book a Great White Shark Liveaboard Dive Trip?
In short, anytime! The tours run throughout the year, but the itinerary and duration varies to maximize conditions and shark encounters. The best time to book is well in advance of your travel, as these tours do sell out well in advance. Great White Shark encounters on a Rodney Fox liveaboard Shark Expedition is currently at 99% and seasonal information is below for your reference.

Warmer Months: November to April. During Spring and Summer you can book either a 2-night or 3-night Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip. Generally, the weather is a little calmer at this time year and you can expect to see mainly male Great White Sharks in the area. NB: You need to book a 3-night Great White Shark liveaboard dive trip to include a guaranteed ocean floor cage dive.

Cooler Months: May to September. This is the most reliable time of year to see the most (and the biggest!) Great White Sharks, especially the mature female sharks measuring over 5m. The days and daylight hours are shorter, so there is less surface cage time which is why the expeditions are longer in Autumn and Winter. You can book 3-night, 4-night and even 5-night Great White Shark liveaboard dive trips at this time year. NB: The weather / water is a little ‘rougher’ at this time and timings may vary.
Large, mature male sharks (ranging between 4-5m) can be seen year round and are perhaps the most inquisitive (hence photogenic). Water visibility ranges from 15-30m.

Port Lincoln Great White Shark Dive Bookings
Dive in Australia is pleased to provide an easy booking service for Port Lincoln Great White Shark Dive trips. Save money with no booking or credit card fees. We offer first-hand experience and advice. For more information and bookings contact Dive in Australia today on +61 499 464 007 or

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