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Adventure Diving – The Coral Sea offers very remote, deep reef diving. Located beyond the borders of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is only accessible on a liveaboard dive trip. Some of the reefs you may dive include Osprey Reef, Shark Reef, Vema Reef, Bougainville Reef, Holmes Reef and more.

Coral Sea
This is adventure diving at its best and includes amazing shark encounters and a shark feed dive! Water depth is epic, think 1,000m wall drop offs. Currents can be strong from time to time, making this the perfect destination for Advanced scuba divers. Coral Sea diving offers a range of experiences and locations, including drift dives, wall dives, caves and exploratory diving. A consistent factor of diving in the Coral Sea is the sharks! Not to mention the outstanding visibility and giant schools of pelagic fish. Dive depth is only limited by your experience and certification. Water temperature varies between 22 degrees to 29 degrees and all operators provide wetsuits / lycra suits for certified divers.