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Learning to Scuba Dive

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Australia dive courses are offered by a range of operations, across the width and breadth of this continent.

Why learn to dive in Australia? 

Safety is a good reason.  Australia has some of the highest diving safety standards in the world, which sees the dive industry as being highly regulated, with all dive operators adhering to these standards.

Queensland, which is the home state for the Great Barrier Reef, attracts more scuba divers and people wanting to learn to dive in Australia anywhere else in the country.  No surprise really, the Great Barrier Reef is an international icon and on the ‘must do’ bucket list for most scuba divers. The Coral Sea has warm, clear blue water and most learn to dive courses are completed on day boats on liveaboard boats.

Dive operators in Queensland must adhere to  a strict ‘Code of Practice’, making this one of the safest places on the planet to learn to dive, not to mention one of the most beautiful.

You can also be assured that dive operators and learn-to-dive companies in Australia provide students with good quality, well maintained, dive gear.  This gives you additional peace of mind as under the water, correctly functioning equipment can mean the difference between a great day out diving or being frustrated with faulty equipment.

The high level of regulation, competition and sheer scale and experience of Australian scuba diving companies means you will have the very best and safest learn to dive experience possible. And by the way, the dive schools in Australia produce very good scuba divers.

Where is the Best Place to Learn to Dive in Australia?

There are a number of very good dive locations available to choose from within Australia. Each offers learn to dive students something a little different.  The main regions include Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. We’re pleased to provide a little more information on each of these below.

Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland is home to the Great Barrier Reef and a fantastic place to learn to scuba dive. There are many dive schools located across the state, meaning you can choose a destination to suit your itinerary.  The most popular of all is Cairns, in Tropical North of Queensland.

If you choose to learn to dive in Cairns, then your practice dives will most likely be completed on the Outer Great Barrier Reef, which is about 60km offshore. Water visibility here is generally good and water temperature varies between 22 – 29 degrees. Other Queensland learn-to-dive destinations include Magnetic Island (Townsville), Ayr (Yongala Dive) and the Whitsundays.

New South Wales

New South Wales is further south than Queensland and does not have the Great Barrier Reef.  What it does have, is a fantastic range of dive destinations and some great shark diving. The best places to learn to scuba dive in New South Wales include Sydney, South West Rocks and Byron Bay.

If you choose to learn to dive in New South Wales, then you can expect water temperatures which vary between 14 – 25 degrees Most learn to dive courses complete their practical dives on day trips or shore dives. Destinations vary and there is also some shore diving.

Western Australia

The best places to learn to dive in Western Australia are Perth and Exmouth. These two locations provide very different diving experiences. In Perth, the learn to dive courses generally provide practice dives from the beach and a boat, including a visit to Rottnest Island.  Exmouth dive courses give you the opportunity to be in the water with whale sharks and manta rays.

The water temperature in Western Australia is colder than Queensland and New South Wales. It varies between 14 – 25 degrees. Most learn to dive courses complete their practical dives on day trips. Destinations vary.

When is the best time of year to do a Learn to Dive Course in Australia?

Now! There is no best time, or right or wrong time, to do a learn to dive course in Australia. Each of the destinations offer learn to dive courses throughout the year.  Each of them provide excellent scuba diving opportunities and experiences all year round.  All equipment is provided, including wetsuits or lycra suits, pending the water temperature.

Booking a Learn to Dive Course in Australia

Dive in Australia has extensive experience with Australia’s learn to dive courses, options and locations. Contact us to discuss your preferred certification and location and we will advise and can book, a dive course to meet your needs. We are the Australia dive specialists.Products are listed on this site for your convenience, or contact us today FREE CALL – 1800 323 703.