South West Rocks - Fish Rock Cave

South West Rocks - Fish Rock Cave

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Fish Rock Cave, located at South West Rocks is the only ocean cave dive site in Australian waters where large schools of Grey Nurse Sharks reside.  Swimming literally through a mountain cave that starts at a depth of approximately 24mts you emerge at the end in 12mts of water surrounded by Manta Rays, Eagle Ray, Turtles and a wide variety of pelagic fish.  


This dive is recognized, published and protected for its significant value in the critical habitat protection program of NSW, truly one of Australia’s ‘best’ and ‘must do’ dives sites. 

Getting up close and personal with these endangered grey nurse sharks is very achievable as they cruise back and forth along the sandy channel of the entrance of the cave.  The longer you stay still the closer they will come to you.  The cave itself consists of a numerous horizontal and vertical turns, every pocket filled with unique and diverse marine life.

Driving to South West Rocks from Brisbane is 6hr (600km) or 5hrs (500km) from Sydney.  Flights are available leaving from Sydney to Port Macquarie (1hr 10mins) then a short drive (1hr or 60km).  Alternatively both Greyhound Australia bus service and the Railways operate services to Kempsey and the dive center provides a complimentary pick-up service to South West Rocks.